EST. 2018

Inspired by timeless and efficient design, open air and choices that support a sustainable future, we’re an international collaboration stoking the synergy of skilled and impassioned designers, engineers, entrepreneurs & taste-makers taking micro-mobility to the next level.

In a world where refrigerators will outsmart us and cars drive how they think is best, we’re determined to preserve the raw, unedited joy of mechanized movement through clean, elegant, personal electric vehicles that offer a real escape from the everyday.

And after being a significant influence behind some of the most unique and exciting electric scooters being sold in cities throughout Europe and Asia for years, we’re now introducing our most disruptive designs to the US under an invigorating new brand.


Word is born.

The story of urban electrification and the transition to cleaner, community-based cities has officially begun.

A spotlight is now on those of us determined to accelerate the turn to electric mobility through the freedom and design of awesome new vehicles and services.

So follow us and find out what happens when people stop driving dirty burners, and start riding clean!